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Mission, Goals and Engagement

Volunteer Work & Internships

Safaris & Culture in Tanzania

Would you like to explore another country and immerse yourself in the everyday life of the locals? Do you prefer a trip to Africa, Tanzania and want to be part of many who have chosen to volunteer in Africa?


Then you are exactly right here!


In Africa there are many countries but not all of them are safe enough to travel in. Tanzania sure is! Here, you're welcome to visit Tanzania and make a difference through your valuable time, talent and resource to many who need you through Volunteers for Africa. Tanzania is a beautiful country but sadly it's very poor where its estimated about 70% of people are living in poverty. Many efforts have been made so far to help Tanzania through organizations and NGO's, all of them focus on eradicate poverty and in their day to day activities they need volunteers. You can be involved to help in the work in baby homes and orphanages, teaching English and mathematics in schools, help in the hospitals/ Internship and many more.

While your volunteering here you can see the highest mountain in Africa the Mt. Kilimanjaro or climb Mt. Meru (which you can see from our hostel). On the weekend we organise some activities such as coffee plantation tour, hot springs swimming, go and experience the Massai people who keep their life very traditional from centuries, waterfalls, hiking and also if you would like to visit national parks and all day trips/group tour we can organize it for you.

"I can't remember any morning in Africa when I woke up and wasn't happy."

Ernest Hemingway

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