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Details & Prices


Accommodation & Board

  • Projects within walking distance or quickly accessible by public transport

  • Wifi

  • Emergency solar system in case of power failure

  • Daily fresh meals (breakfast and dinner - Monday to Sunday)


Projects Arrangement

  • Orientation day in Usa River and project start support

  • Project / internship placement for your dream project

  • Help with visa applications and other formalities


On-site Support

  • 24 hour emergency number, experienced contact persons and always an open ear for all concerns

  • First aid equipment

  • Help with the SIM card registration for your mobile phone


One-time registration fees

(incl. pick up and drop off and Africa Heart's Desire T-Shirt)

130 $

Stay over 4 weeks

Weekly Program Costs for a shared bedroom (incl. breakfast, dinner & wifi)

120 $

Weekly Program Costs for a private bedroom (incl. breakfast, dinner & wifi)

180 $ (single room)

140 $ (double room per person)

Stay under 4 weeks

Weekly Program Costs for a shared bedroom (incl. breakfast, dinner & wifi)

140 $

Weekly Program Costs for a private bedroom (incl. breakfast, dinner & wifi)

200 $ (single room)

160 $ (double room per person)



  • The program costs increase for a stay of less than 4 weeks due to additional expenses for assistance and orientation by the staff in the projects and in the hostel. In addition, we do not recommend assignments of less than 4 weeks in social projects, as the changing reference persons can be very stressful, especially for children. Also, volunteers hardly have time to get properly acquainted with the project. If you are not in the project long enough, it is difficult to take over responsible and important tasks. However, if you decide to stay for a shorter period of time, 14 days of pure work are obligatory.

  • A Humanitarian Visa is required for the volunteer service. Our strong recommendation is to purchase the visa on arrival at the airport. In addition to your letter of invitation, it is best to bring 50$ in cash already in your hand luggage.​

  • The facilities of the medical projects, such as Meru Hospital, charge an additional fee of 150$ per month, while Nkoaranga Hospital charges 200$. The money is required for the long-term improvement of the facility. You pay this money directly to the project.

  • The fees/costs include all of the above services and include 18% Tanzanian VAT.

  • If you do not start the trip or leave early for health or private reasons, we cannot refund any money. Payments already made will only be reimbursed in the form of a voucher. This excludes the registration fee. 

  • The total price of the accommodation /safari must be paid three weeks before arrival.

Additional Offers


Swahili Lessons

During your stay in Tanzania, learn the basics of Swahili from a local teacher.

5 $ / Hour

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-14 at

Swahili Cooking

On the weekends we offer courses on request with a local cook teacher to get to know traditional dishes.

20 $ / Course


Safaris & Tours

We offer many different safaris and tours. Whether a day trip to the hot springs of Moshi or a Safari in the famous Serengeti.

from 99 $


Things you should remember:


The flight is not included in the program price. You should expect around 700$-1000$ here. It is best to plan your flight to Kilimanjaro Airport alternatively, you can also fly to Arusha Airport. We will of course be happy to pick you up from both airports on arrival!



We strongly recommend travel health insurance. These are available from 15$ per month.



Allow 50$ for your visa. For volunteer work you will need the Humanitarian Visa, for which you need an invite letter. We will send you this invitation before your arrival. Then you can apply for the visa directly at the airport when you arrival  - but it is best to double-check this before your trip.


Pocket Money

Allow some pocket money for souvenirs, snacks, and dining out.



Please find out from a doctor about necessary and recommended vaccinations as well as a first-aid kit.



Packing list for download (without guarantee :))

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