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Covid 19 Update from the Africa Heart’s Desire House !

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Dear Africa Friends,

after long consideration the government in our country Tanzania decided to reopen the country and airports for the international guests and to abolish the quarantine after entering from abroad. Our Projects had a very hard time in the last months and they need your helping hands.

We observed the development and the facts about corona virus very clearly here in Tanzania and we make the decision to start our organisation for you to give you the chance for having a good time and do something great even if there are difficult conditions all around the world. We understand there always will be a residual risk but the incident of the last weeks show that there was the big wave of infected people at the beginning of this year and the feared mortality rate from WHO has not been confirmed. This implies that the Virus with the help from hygiene regulations, the lockdown and the clarification dammed up. It does not preclude that the number of cases is higher than the media reported, and we don’t want to play it down.

We are also aware that furthermore caution is needed. The reasonable fear of poverty and famine increased. The last Months have been unbelievably hard for a lot of family’s in Tanzania! The groceries prices go up very high, so there was often no chance to subsist. The economy needs time to regenerate. The identical problem as the tourism in Tanzania. For this reason, we found it very important that the tourism can start again under requirements. Of course, the virus and the consequences will stay with us in our daily life, but we hope that the normality returns soon step by step.

We the Africa Heart’s Desire Team looking forward for your visit and we’re ready to enable you a lovely and unforgettable time here in our favourite country Tanzania and a view inside of the Tanzanian culture and way of life. Our Team is prepared and well informed about the protective measures. You’re in best hands!

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Hope to see you soon

Your Africa Hearts Desire Family

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